Roadside Assistance

Roadside Assistance Calgary & Jump Start Cables Services

No matter how carefully you drive, or how well maintained your car is, there will be times when it’ll break down unexpectedly and require a jump start. You can be in the middle of nowhere, and suddenly your engine will stop. In this inconvenient scenario, you readily need help. One of the best ways to get it is by subscribing to roadside assistance with City Wide Calgary Towing.

What Is Emergency Roadside Assistance? 

  • Roadside assistance refers to a service where a company ensures that you get proper help when your vehicle breaks down. 
  • Whether you get in a crash or make a mistake of not fueling your car sufficiently, the roadside assistance tow truck coverage will rescue you. 

The Positive Of Roadside Assistance For Cars, Motorcycle, Truck, And Other Vehicles

  • Flat Tire Repairs And Tire Replacements: One can get a flat tire anytime, and if you’re not able to fix it on your own, then roadside assistance will fix it for you.


  • Fuel Refills: Some times, we underestimate the fuel that our journey requires. In some cases, our route changes last minute, and we run out of fuel. If you’re stuck because your car’s out of gas, then instead of walking to the nearest gas station, just call roadside assistance. They’ll get your vehicle refueled. 
  • Tow Truck Facility: This coverage also includes paying for tow truck services. Towing is an expensive affair. It can easily cost more than 100 US dollars to cover a little over 50 miles. 
  • Ride: In cases where your vehicle needs time to get running, this facility will provide you with a ride to your destination. 

The very first thing that one should check about their transport coverage should be the inclusion of roadside assistance. Some people might find roadside assistance expensive or unnecessary, but it is a good precaution to have. 

This coverage will guard you against unexpected problems. We can say that there is no negative of having roadside assistance set up. If things don’t work in the end, you can simply opt for a tow truck to help you with the transportation of your vehicle.


Frequently Asked Questions

Is Roadside Assistance Connected Or Attached To One’s Insurance? 

In many places like Calgary Alberta, roadside assistance is a part of vehicle insurance. If it’s not a part of the vehicle insurance, then you can hook up this provision as an added clause in your coverage by paying an extra amount. 


What Are The Jump Start Cables Or Jumper Cables? 

Jump Start Cables or jumping cables are electric cables that are used to start engines that are at a halt. They’re a very efficient way of starting a vehicle that has a faulty engine with a correct positive negative connection. There’re many automobile shops that sell jump cables. 

What Is A Heavy Duty Towing? 

Heavy-duty towing refers to towing that’s related to large vehicles like trailer trucks and large garbage bins. Special tow trucks are needed to practice heavy-duty towing with the correct gear. Different countries have different weight limits that fall under heavy-duty towing.