Medium duty towing

City Wide Calgary Medium & Heavy-Duty Towing

At least once in our lives, we have had our car, bus, pick-up truck, or any vehicle get stuck in the middle of the road. Our automotive getting stuck and refusing to move a common problem that leads us to seek the help of towing service and roadside assistance. 

The recovery of vehicles in cities like Calgary Alberta is done with the help of services from towing and recovery association. These service providers are very prompt with their customized service. If you live in a remote area and have the misfortune of getting your wheel jammed at the wrong location, then getting a good hauling service can take time. 

The Side Effects Of Bad Automotive Towing Service 

  • Most people don’t think of towing as a complicated exercise. They pick any towing service that offers cheap facilities. A bad Medium Duty Towing or Heavy Duty Towing can seriously harm your cars. 
  • Any sophisticated towing company will perform every step of towing, be it a wheel lift, flatbed towing, or wide towing with utmost care.
  • Every towing service should meet international standards of doing their work. 
  • If your car gets damaged in the process of lifting it, then eventually, you’ll end up paying more for the repairs than a simple towing exercise. 


What Are The Signs Of A Good All City Towing Service?

  • The number one sign of a good towing service is that it has a large range of services. It can tow vehicles and cars of different weight, be it the classic heavyweight of 16 ton or 50 ton. 
  • The second sign of a reliable towing company is how much they price charges. For up to 10 miles, the towing charge should not be more than 60 US dollars. For long-distance and all city towing, the charges per mile should not be more than 2 US dollars. 
  • A good towing service should treat a single vehicle with as much care as they treat a fleet of cars. They should not discriminate between their clients on the basis of wealth. 

Frequently Asked Questions


What Is A Medium Duty Towing?

In the field of towing, the vehicles are divided in terms of weight. All vehicles that weigh between 16,001 pounds to 26,000 pounds fall in the category of medium-duty towing. 

What Is Heavy Duty And Light Duty Towing?

Like the name itself suggests, the heavy-duty towing is reserved for large vehicles like garbage trucks and trailers. Towing vehicles that have features like a 25-ton boom lift are equipped to deal with heavy-duty vehicles. The light-duty towing can be performing by any standard towing truck. Cars like Honda Civic and Ford F series fall in this category. 

What Is A Multi-Car Tow Truck? 

A multi-car tow truck is a device that is used to tow multiple vehicle fleets in the USA. It’s used for towing away a bunch of cars from junkyards or parking lots. A multi-car tow truck is also used for long-distance ferrying of faulty vehicles.