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Flatbed Towing: What You Need to Know? Consumer Information

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You must’ve seen a tow truck hauling a vehicle. In some cases, you may have also used the service yourself. Towing is used in situations when an automobile is unable to work on its own and needed to be shifted. This transfer usually happens to a vehicle mechanic garage or a parking lot. 

One may think that towing is a simple job, and anyone with a towing truck can do it. The needful, but a careful look into the act of hauling a car will tell you otherwise. It’s important that we select a good vehicle shifting and towing company for our vehicle recovery. 

Three Signs Of A Good Towing Service 

  • Fair Price: A good towing service will never charge more than the norm. It’ll be transparent about the pricing and will openly disclose the information about charges per mile. Every area has its standard towing rates. 


  • Good Reviews And Service Area: The number one way to know if the service you are seeking is up to the mark is by checking the reviews and feedback online. Make sure that you are reading verified reviews by previous customers only. 


  • Scope Of Service: A reliable towing service provider won’t just offer lightweight vehicle lifting but will be capable of dealing with heavy transportation too. The diversity of services, be it roadside assistance or vehicle recovery, is a sign of a good company. 

Why Is Emergency Roadside Recovery Needed For A Good Towing Service? 

  • Emergency support is a crucial factor when it comes to towing services.
  • People often seek to tow because of accidents, stalled cars, abandoned vehicles, and flat tires. It’s of the utmost importance that towing services don’t turn down emergency support. 

Frequently Asked Questions

What Factors Decide Flatbed Towing Cost? 

The background of the vehicle and custom service decides the price of towing. Flatbed Towing costs for a lightweight car is different than a heavy truck. A simple roadside recovery with a basic wheel lift will cost less than say a towing exercise by a  multi-car tow truck. The distance factor is another main determinant that decides towing costs. 

What Is The Cost Of A Decent Tow Truck?

Different models of tow truck cost differently depending on how old, mini, sophisticated, or latest the model is. Petrol and diesel tow trucks also cost differently. On average, you can get a decent wrecker and a model flatbed for the rate of anywhere between 40,000 US dollars to 60,000 US dollars. You can get an auto loan on a tow truck as well and even score a profitable deal in second-hand trucks auction. 

Does Vehicle Recovery Require Licensing? 

Yes, in most places like  Alberta,   Burnaby BC,   nova scotia,   Sackville ns,   and Calgary Alberta, one requires paperwork to be a recovery driver. This licensing is also needed for all enterprise in Canada that has repossession agent and practice towing service.