Why You can Trust Towing Experts in Calgary

Get a simple, reliable, and affordable towing service with City Wide Calgary Towing and relieve you from stress. A reputable company never fails in its promises. Tow with experts.

Our Expert Services

The following is a list of services City Wide Calgary Towing offers its clients:

Medium Duty Towing

City Wide Calgary Towing is one of the few companies offering medium duty towing service in Calgary. The service involves towing mid-sized vehicles requiring more support than conventional vehicles.

Roadside assistance

Over the years, City Wide Calgary Towing has been offering roadside assistance and towing services for corporate and personal agents in Calgary, Black Diamond, and the surrounding areas.

Flatbed Towing

The service tows a wide variety of cars to their various destinations. It provides local and long-distance vehicle transportation, exotic cars, motorcycle towing, equipment towing, pick in drop and low clearance vehicle towing services, among others.

Emergency towing

The company proudly offers accident and emergency towing service to drivers in Calgary and the surrounding areas. Its experts are eager to accommodate your needs concerning towing your car from the accident scene to your destination.

Get Fast and Reliable Flatbed Towing Service in Calgary, Alberta

City Wide Calgary Towing is a one-stop-shop where you’ll get any kind of towing services. It tops the list of the best companies offering repo man vehicle emergency services in Calgary. The company boasts of trained professionals who possess exceptional knowledge regarding the provision of quality car emergency services, ranging from two-wheelers to cars and sophisticated trucks. It provides all kinds of towing services and at reasonably affordable prices, the cheapest rates in the city; thus, you don’t need to take a car loan for the purpose. 

The company is prominent in old, and weld built cars towing to auctions and car sales centers before an Enterprise and repossession agent retrieves them back to their owner. 

Flatbed Towing, Tow Truck, and Vehicle Recovery Services

Regarding ground transportation of equipment, machinery, or vehicles, the company uses flatbed tow trucks to perform the job. This method is the simplest and safest way to handle the task. Rollback or flat deck tow trucks are quite versatile and can carry big luggage. If your car can fit into the flatbed, the company’s team of experts loads it securely into the machinery and help you tow it to your place.

The company handles any kind of vehicle, regardless of the size of your car. Visit City Wide Calgary Towing photo gallery and view its vast collection of towing exceptional vehicles and model flatbed multi-car tow truck samples.


Why Choose City Wide Calgary Towing?

You may choose to hire an expert to tow your car for various reasons. After all, all vehicles are of different models with varying towing attachment specifications. Meaning towers pull these cars differently. Sometimes, the most appropriate way to transport a car is by getting wheels off the ground using a wheel lift. City Wide Calgary Towing offers the best when it comes to flatbed towing, and at a rollback price!

The company maintains its towing wrecker trucks regularly, alongside keeping them clean and updated. The team offers the most relaxed transaction mode to all its clients. You, therefore, don’t need to go looking for an ATM at midnight. All you need is a simple phone call, without a need for much paperwork.

The following are some of the reasons why you should consider City Wide Calgary Towing:

  • Complete diagnostics
  • Complete safety analysis
  • Low-cost towing services

Emergency Towing

Hundreds of clients complain about poor towing services that night towing operators provide. Everyone deserves an honest and ethical towing service without oppression.City Wide Calgary Towing is a reputable company providing top-notch emergency towing and accident towing services to all car and tow truck owners in Calgary and the surrounding areas. The company takes pride in many years of quality towing service provision that has made it popular in the city. Their towing vessel comes with a tow hook to tug the vehicle to the towing system.City Wide Calgary Towing offers accident towing services at fair and honest rates. This fact should put you at ease because it reduces the number of concerns regarding how you’ll move your vehicle. The company has skilled experts who know everything about handling your car and transporting it from the scene of the accident. The company’s primary goal is to provide you with an easy and fast accident recovery service that’ll take you back to normal life.


Top Reputable Accident and Emergency Towing Services 

After an accident or emergency, what follows is a stressful time for any driver in Calgary, AB. City Wide Calgary Towing experts try to be patient and understand how you feel during this moment. When the team arrives, it assesses the accident’s conditions. The aim is to load your car safely into the towing truck for transportation. The following are other goals of timely removal of your vehicle from the scene:

  • To prevent further collisions by use of safety flares and cones
  • To remove any debris from the roadway

The company comes with a roadside assistance wire or rope to help tow a car, ship, barge, travel trailer, utility trailer, gooseneck trailer, rv trailer, and other pushback 3rd gen Tacoma machinery to their various destination.

Why is City Wide Calgary Towing’s the Best?

  • Fast arrival to the scene with solas to jump start your car battery
  • They safely move your car from the scene of the accident.
  • Helpful in filing police reports
  • Tow your vehicle to the garage of your choice or tug your boat or plane from a minor cliff
  • Offers you the option of insurance billing

If you land into a car accident, choose a towing company that’ll consider your best interests. 


Medium Duty Towing

City Wide Calgary Towing has a comprehensive fleet of medium and heavy-duty towing that’ll help you out of any kind of roadside situation. The company has several types of towing trucks that they use to manage any form of vehicle towing; may it be light, medium, or heavy duty. The experts’ main aim is to help you get the best towing solution, regardless of the size of your automotive.

Most towing services can’t offer medium duty towing. Many of these towing companies provide tow trucks that are either too large or too small such that they can’t handle mid-sized vehicles. City Wide Calgary Towing inc tops the list of the few tow truck services with a medium-sized truck to handle these cars in Calgary, Edmonton, Red Deer, and the nearby areas around Alberta. The company’s medium duty towing service is exceptional for all owners of mid-sized vehicles. 


Medium and Heavy-Duty Towing Services

City Wide Calgary Towing offers several medium and heavy-duty towing services to clients with mid-size vehicles in calgary ltd. The following are some of these services:

  • Boosts
  • Fuel services
  • Equipment hauling
  • Stuck calls for grasso’s auto sales
  • Emergency lockout services
  • Towing

The towing service also offers flatbed towing, Alberta roadside assistance, medium duty towing, msa towing, trailer towing, boat towing, vehicle recovery, light duty towing, all city towing, and small recovery and natal recovery for wrecked cars.Most towing vehicle fleet usa can handle cars of various weights, ranging from 16 ton to 50 ton.

Why Are Our Medium Duty Towing and Heavy Duty Towing Services The Best for Your Needs?

City Wide Calgary Towing has been offering quality tow truck services to Calgary county towing north of Alberta since 1963. The towing company has a large and diverse fleet of towing trucks, fully equipped, that they use to rescue you from any situation that may challenge you on the road. Its drivers are certified, licensed, and fully-trained, assuring you that the services you’ll get are safe and efficient.

City Wide Calgary Towing uses the latest international GPS technology to dispatch systems that’ll work quickly and efficiently. This tech is contrary to Seel Towing and Recovery Sevices that uses satellite tracking, which is more costly and takes more time to report. The team responds to your calls 24/7, the whole week. They dedicate themselves to providing you with the fastest positive negative response.

The following are some of the company’s benefits to the clients in calgary alberta:

  • Prevents further damages on your car
  • Allows for fast and smooth transport of mid-sized vehicles
  • The rates are affordable.
  • Registered with usa towing and recovery association
  • Towing vehicles range from light duty to classic heavy, semi heavy-duty to a multi car tow truck.
  • Operates at the highest efficiency standards
  • Services available in all areas surrounding the city where the recovery truck can access

For detailed information about medium duty stock towing services, call City Wide Calgary Towing today or check search for medium duty towing near me service hook.


Roadside Assistance Calgary & Start Cables Services

It’s common for drivers to get stuck by the roadsides. Since 1963, City Wide Calgary Towing has been the best towing service offering roadside assistance and start cable services in Calgary. There’re only a few licensed towing companies providing these services in Alberta. If you find yourself in a secluded area after your car has broken down, don’t get nervous. City Wide Calgary Towing will come to your rescue when you can’t reach out to your family for help. This professional team will offer you the support you need.

What Are the Benefits of Using Our Services?

The company has been offering professional towing services to the drivers and car owners in Calgary and the surrounding areas. The company works hard to maintain the following features in the client’s service delivery:

  • Affordability
  • Fast due to the team’s fast response
  • Professionalism
  • Reliability
  • Client satisfaction

The right truck tow professionals will provide you with top-notch towing services alongside excellent packages that’ll suit your needs and budget. Call them today and get the best towing service in the region.

FAQs People Also Ask

Can you bill my insurance insurer?

Yes. The company can offer you the services and later bill your insurance company.

Which vehicles need a rollback?

If your car is an all-wheel-drive, 4-wheel drive, or has a flat tire opposite the drive axle, you’ll need a rollback. Cars with ground impacts also need rollbacks.

Can you tow my car if its in a parking garage?

The company has a town truck with a clearance of 7ft 0in.

What details do I need to give to get a rollback?

The company will need to know the type of your vehicle, its location, color, model, make, year, and the address where you need your car.

Cheap Towing Service with Guaranteed Quality

City Wide Calgary Towing has towing trucks that have served city drivers for years. The service is fast and reliable. Call them today and get services 24/7.